Wooden Memory Match Game


This Wooden Memory Match Game is fantastic for the whole family to play challenging memory, logic and concentration skills. Made from wood and painted with eco friendly water-based paint, it's a great educational toy designed for those aged 3 and above. 

The game comes with 6 doubled sided patterned cards which contain a range of images including numbers, letters, colours, animals, transport vehicles and flags. Measuring 20.5cm x 20.5cm x 2cm it also comes with 16 round pegs and the wooden chess board and chess board cover. 

How to play - Place an illustrated card into the chess board and cover with the chessboard cover. Then place the pegs into the holes to cover the images. Players take it in turns to choose and lift two wooden pegs. If the two pictures underneath the pegs match, the player keeps the wooden pegs, if not, the pegs need to be placed back in the board. The player with the most pegs after all the matches have been made is the winner. Alternatively, it can be played alone as a solo game.

It is a wonderful memory match game for preschoolers to sharpen their memory skills while also helping to build skills such as cooperation, communication, and taking turns.