Unicorn Pop Fidget Backpacks


These Unicorn Pop fidget Backpacks are just adorable! Your little one is going to love carrying this cute backpack filled with all their favourite things!

Top view of Unicorn Fidget Backpack

These Unicorn Pop Fidget Backpacks have the sweetest unicorn face, along with pop fidgets to add an extra bit of fun to this backpack. Measuring approximately 26cm high, 22cm wide and weighing 270gms, they come with sturdy, adjustable, fabric straps and are the perfect bag for the shops, the beach, or a playdate. 

These Unicorn Pop Fidget Backpacks are available in three different colours - purple, pink and red and with the sides and back of the backpack covered in shimmery, reflective hearts, they're sure to make your little one smile.

These are great as birthday presents, as a unique gift for that special child in your life.