Spinning Light Up Pop Fidget Bracelet


These Spinning Light Up Pop Fidget Bracelets really are hard to stop fidgeting with!

Made from non-toxic silicone with an adjustable wristband and metal clasp so it can be worn like a watch, this Pop Fidget Bracelet is a great sensory toy. These Pop Fidget Bracelets help to keep the user occupied, focussed and entertained.

Spinning Light Up Pop Fidget Bracelet

These Pop Fidget Bracelets light up by gently tapping the top of the bracelet. while the popping bubbles press and decompress easily with your fingers. 

Being adjustable it is suitable for all wrist sizes ranging from small children aged 4 and above through to adults. The length of the bracelet is 24.5cm while the spinning component is 8cm in diameter.

Simply wrap it around your wrist and gently spin, tap and pop for endless fun and entertainment. 

**Please note that this bracelet does contain a button battery. Although Praktical Toys generally doesn't sell toys with batteries, we have made an exception for this item as we believe it is a helpful sensory toy and the light up ability of this item contributes to its benefits.