Owl Pop Fidgets


These Owl Pop Fidgets are so simple, but so hard to put down!

Ever find yourself popping bubblewrap and wishing there was more? Well with these pop fidgets you'll never run out of pops. Just press the bubbles down to hear the slight popping sound they make. Then turn it over and start again!

Made from washable, food grade, non-toxic silicone and available in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes, they are a wonderful sensory toy.

You can also play a game with these pop fidgets. Two players take turns pushing down one, two or three bubbles next to each other at a time. Once there are no more bubbles left to pop the player that popped the last bubble wins! Flip it over and then play it again!

Sizes range from 12cm wide up to 22cm wide and 11cm high up to 17.5cm high depending upon the style chosen.