Wooden Mathematics Multiplication Board


This Wooden Mathematics Multiplication Board is the perfect educational toy to help little ones learn their times tables. 

Wooden Multiplication Board

The smooth rounded pieces and bright colours bring fun into learning and will ensure young minds stay focused and engaged as they work through their times tables from one to nine. The board consists of 81 rounded wooden pieces printed on both sides and a sturdy wooden board to hold the pieces.

How to use:

  • The front side of each rounded piece displays the multiplication while the other side of the piece displays the answer. 
  • It can be used to test children by working with them through their times tables or as a self test with the child using it on their own. 

Whilst designed for children to learn their times tables, this Multiplication Board also encourages colour recognition, sorting skills and helps to improve fine motor development.

The board measures 22cm by 22cm but as the pieces used in this Multiplication Board are quite small the recommended age for use is 7 and up.