Blue Moon Balance Blocks Game


This Blue Moon Balance Blocks Game aims to challenge logical thinking, creativity, imagination and hand-eye coordination. Made from wood, with carefully smoothed edges and painted with non-toxic water based paint it's a great game for the whole family. 

How to play - A player rolls the dice and then chooses a wooden block of the corresponding colour according to the colour on the dice. The player then attempts to put it on the Blue Moon Balance Block. Then the next player rolls the dice and takes a turn to balance a block. Whoever is the first player to lose their balance and knock over the blocks will lose the game. 

The Blue Moon Balance Blocks Game can also be used by just one player, to see how well they can balance the blocks alone. Watch out, it is challenging!

A great game for both children and parents to play together, while introducing children to cause and effect, winning and losing and the concept of try, and try again. 

The Moon Block measures 17cm x 2cm while the dice is 2cm x 2cm. Due to the smaller parts it is recommended for use by those aged 3 and over.

#Blue Moon Balance Blocks Game