Balance Board


Trying to get the kids outdoors? This Balance Board for coordination and fitness might be the answer. 

Made from eco-friendly plastic, it's a simple fun way of getting both kids and adults moving. The aim of the toy is to help develop a sense of balance while moving the wooden balls (5 included) around the cut outs in the Balance Board. 

Measuring 56cm by 13cm by 18cm and being able to safely hold up to 80kgs, this portable indoor/outdoor toy is great for challenging balance, coordination and fitness all while having fun.

There are two styles to choose from:

  • The figure eight style has a deep track for the balls to move on making it easier to move the balls around without them falling out. This style is suitable for younger children aged 3 and up.
  • The Z style has a shallow track for the balls to move on and has a steeper slope for the balls to travel, making the movement of the balls more challenging. Designed for those aged 6 and up. 

Both styles measure the same size and are weighted to hold up to 80kgs.