Magnetized Wooden Cutting Food Sets


These brightly coloured Magnetized Wooden Cutting Food Sets are wonderful for encouraging the development of imagination, concentration and cognition, all while having fun learning about foods. 

Available in nine styles and made from high quality wood and painted with non-toxic paint, these fun food sets are sure to take pretend play to the next level. Each set comes with a wooden knife which can be used to "cut" apart the pieces of food which are held together by magnets. 

Designed for those aged three and over, these sets come in a cute wooden storage box and are perfectly sized for little hands. 

The nine styles available are:

  • Small fruit box
  • Large fruit box
  • Small vegetable box
  • Medium vegetable box
  • Large vegetable box
  • Sweets box
  • Tropical fruit box
  • Assorted vegetables box
  • Vegetables, fish and meat box