Apple Wooden Memory Game


This Apple Wooden Memory Game is designed to develop a child's motor skills, while introducing the concepts of logic, matching and an understanding of cause and effect. 

Consisting of sturdy wooden construction, smooth rounded edges and painted with non-toxic paint, it's a great educational toy for those aged 3 and above.

How to play - Place an illustrated card into the apple board and choose and lift two wooden pegs. If the two pictures match, the player keeps the wooden pegs. Then, the next player takes a turn. The player with the most pegs after all the matches have been made is the winner. Alternatively, it can be played alone as a solo game.

The Apple Wooden Memory Game comes with 5 different patterned cards including images of animals, flowers, numbers and shapes and is the perfect memory match game for pre-schoolers to sharpen their memory skills. The game also helps to build other essential skills including cooperation, collaboration, communication, teamwork and empathy. 

The Apple Wooden Memory Game is a great game for the whole family to play.